What jobs are perfect for dyslexics?
Dyslexics excel in jobs where their gifts can shine. These visual, creative individuals develop great talents in areas such as problem solving, spatial awareness, lateral thinking, mechanical skills, drama, music, the arts in general, inventing, building, strategic planning, storytelling, architecture, athletics, sport, engineering, etc. They are often great leaders, too—like Richard Branson.

I find that dyslexics are individuals outside the norm or “the box.” They are the ones who are at the very top, the leading edge or the ones in prison. Unfortunately an estimated 70% of prisoners are illiterate, too.

Luckily we are living at the age of information and energy and our society continues to move towards more technology and creativity based professions.

Dyslexics make great business leaders, architects, teachers, builders, writers, mechanics, artists, designers, actors, engineers, sportsmen, doctors, IT specialists, programmers, musicians … the list goes on.

What jobs are good for dyslexics