Dyspraxia Articles

Living With Dyspraxia

A dyspraxic girl, able to eloquently describe her path and the lack of help she had been getting. Interesting to hear that she thought Dyslexic kids get loads of help, while she had hardly any. I don't believe in Australia, any dyslexic person...

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When we ask of our clients to form the alphabet, this is what Dyspraxia might look like. Daniel is dyspraxic. When we started working with him he was struggling to talk, seemed clumsy and awkward, his speech was sometimes very hard to understand...

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Looking to Correct Dyslexia?

With over 17 years of working with adults and children to correct dyslexia, we have created a unique approach to our dyslexia assessments and training programs.

A roadmap for dyslexia correction so you can meet your goals

Dyslexia training programs help for work