A dyspraxic girl, able to eloquently describe her path and the lack of help she had been getting. Interesting to hear that she thought Dyslexic kids get loads of help, while she had hardly any. I don’t believe in Australia, any dyslexic person would think that we are getting that level of support – unfortunately.

I have been working with a gorgeous boy who is Dyspraxic (one weekend a month). So far we have had two weekends and in the meantime his mum is doing a great job to continue the work at home. She wrote the following about his spelling:

“Thursday afternoon he comes back from school and tells me that he had only one mistake in all the words (before only 1 or 2 words correct, sometimes none). He forgot the s from swimming. I had given him the s and he found the other letters himself. He was very motivated to do the words again on Thursday night and I went happily along. You should have seen in what a speed he picked up the right letters and put them down with ease. It was like a machine…. so quick and with so much ease…He got all spelling words right at school for the first time in his life! ”

Additionally, we are looking at his focus and co-ordination, reading and maths:

“He joined in this morning to do the balls. Yesterday night we did three spelling words in clay and all his homework. In maths I used the clay as well. I can really see already an improvement in maths. Before everything was just a blur for him now he is starting to realise what it all means and you only did a small fraction of maths with him. He really wants to do maths with you over the next weekend.”