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An Online Dyslexia School and Program

Barbara Hoi Talking About Dyslexia in Adults

About Our Training Program For Adults With Dyslexia

Imagine there was a way to help you read and write with ease and confidence.  

One that eliminates the need to read every text several times to fully understand and remember.

One that helps catch up on years of missed grammar, spelling or numeracy.

One that stops the trauma and humiliation, or the shame of not being able to read well or fast enough.

One that gets you out of stress and anxiety when struggling to keep up, catch up or compute information as quickly as everyone else.

Regardless if you have ever been labelled dyslexic or ADD, ADHD or any other label – chances are that you have a different learning style, mostly a visual or hands-on way of learning.

Our approach shows you a different way to learn – one that uses your strengths to master your challenges.

The reason why you may have struggled at school is not a lack of intelligence. 

Most schools teach to auditory students. Most schools fail visual learners.


Are you looking for a better experience?

Most adults are struggling to learn online and have the motivation and the support to finish a six-month course which is offered by the The One Year School.

If you are an adult who is committed to improving your literacy and transforming your life, join us for a personal experience.

A dyslexia expert will accompany you for three months one-on-one, face-to-face or via Zoom if more convenient.

All you need is a dyslexia assessment first to help us find the best way to support you.

We can then tailor a program to meet your needs and goals which includes:

  • Emotional support or trauma release
  • Using your professional goals to address literacy/ numeracy
  • 8 hours each month of one-on-one support
  • Setting small home exercises in between
  • Contact with your personal coach if you need extra help
  • FREE access to The One Year School online program
  • FREE access to our Focus App

Think of us as your personal LIFE and LITERACY Coach.

Hear From Our Clients and Their Outcomes After a 90 Day Dyslexia Program with Barbara Hoi 

Less overwhelmed, more confident. Applied for and awarded new role on her terms

“I’ve finished a three-month program with Barbara and I’m definitely a different person. I am a lot less overwhelmed, my stress levels decreased so much and I’m not only much calmer and happier at work, but also in life. I have much more energy as a result.

I used to write big reports which had stressed me out, while now it’s so much more positive. My writing has improved as much as my emotional response.

I had the confidence to go to an interview of a new position at my job – and not only did I get the job, but I was able to change the terms to make it a permanent contract and I’m so happy in that new role.

I’m so grateful to you, Barbara – I wouldn’t be in the place I am without working together, including the meditations and all the work we did well beyond literacy.”

Freida M (37 years old)

Adult client of 6 month program

Improved confidence, focus and spelling and now writing a novel

“The techniques you have taught me, the meditations, visualisations and ways of writing have helped me so much with focus and spelling.

I didn’t have the confidence to write – and now I am writing a detective novel. I never thought I’d do that or that I would enjoy it that much. I enjoy getting the unfolding story from my head onto paper and describing it in a way that the reader gets as interested as I am in the suspense of the story.

It has helped me gain so much more confidence – also in my work. Thank you.”

Dougall (53 years old)

Adult client of 6 month program

Interested in Our Dyslexia Training Programs?

If you think our dyslexia training programs may be suitable, contact Barbara Hoi by booking a FREE 15-minute consultation to discuss how we can help. Or book a dyslexia assessment.

 How Can You Benefit From Our Dyslexia Support For Adults?

You will benefit if you can relate to any of these challenges:

  • Get anxious and stressed, even just remembering your years at school.
  • Find it difficult to become or stay focused long enough to read or work.
  • Find it challenging to read, write and spell – no matter how hard you try.
  • Usually, read everything several times to get the full picture.
  • Struggle with filling in forms.
  • Have great ideas but difficulty expressing them in writing.
  • Misunderstanding or misinterpreting experiences.
  • Stop yourself from accepting new opportunities, being anxious to study or lacking confidence.
  • Have so much more potential, but are unable to show it and shine.

If this sounds like you, get started by booking your dyslexia assessment.

Get help for adults with dyslexia

What Do Our Adult Dyslexic Clients Experience In Our Programs?

  • To read, write, comprehend and spell well beyond your current level.
  • That you don’t have to be dyslexic, but if you learn differently, this will help you to improve literacy and numeracy, using your creative talents.
  • Strategies and tools to achieve focus, knowledge, wisdom and understanding.
  • A step-by-step process to get there and have our support all the way.
  • To activate a different part of your brain that will be useful to apply at work and in life
  • To learn to relax, focus and regulate emotions, while gaining literacy and numeracy skills.
  • To use these new skills to write your own book, if they wish to do so.

Dyslexia Success Stories

“The experience (from the dyslexia training) was amazing….You put a key in my head and you turned it and now I can read.. (Learning over one year) is going to help everyone dyslexic or not. I think it’s the right way to learn such complex words…(In  2016, I won the top award for being top engineer of the world from 8,000 people). My amazing professor saw my ability …my determination to want to finish things…he was my biggest advocate to bring me into a university… scholarship program…researching things in Silicon Valley to bring back to Australian universities..…”

Andrew – Client whilst struggling at work – Engineer completing a PhD


Dougall – Client participating in 3 month dyslexic training

Interested in Our Dyslexia Training Programs?


If you think our dyslexia training programs may be suitable, contact Barbara Hoi by booking a FREE 15-minute consultation to discuss how we can help. Or book a dyslexia assessment.

What our Clients are Saying

Obstacles to learning removed from school and uni

Since working with Barbara Hoi, I’ve been able to grasp concepts that were obstacles to learning throughout primary school, high school and my university years. No educator could teach me in all those years what Barbara taught me in 5 days. More than that, she has helped me to join the dots to a larger understanding of how my brain works and how to get the most of it. This insight surpasses relief, for me it is unquestionably a life-changer. Barbara is a highly knowledgeable and skilled professional, who is warm, optimistic and committed to her students’ learning success. If you have the joy of being her student, I encourage you to follow her guidance to the letter, and it’s likely your life could change too.”

Happy adult former client

Faced and resolved learning challenges

My approach to …work is always ..through tactile and visual means. These strengths have…allowed me to … avoid any situation which require … literacy and numeracy. I struggled…with non picture words which then severely impacted … comprehending anything. The truth is you can only run and avoid it for so long. I decided to work with Barbara and face these challenges. Looking back, it was a life changing decision… Using my visual/tactile learning preference, Barbara guided me in… basic functions of trigger words and its associations with the correct grammar. For numeracy, Barbara …taught me the foundations of maths…By the end.. I had a deeper meaning of the words and their connections in sentences, which led to full comprehension.” 

Adult Dyslexia, 30 years

Understand my first book and improved maths

What have I got out of this: I have just read my first book and understood it. It was a very enjoyable read and I was very proud that I finished it. Also, I have learnt ways to spell words that I couldn’t spell before (like ellipsis). My Maths which wasn’t very good, is now a lot better. I know now all the concepts of maths, place value, addition, subtraction, times tables, percentages, fractions, decimals, ratio and algebra. And it all was much easier than I thought. Also, I won’t have to worry about giving people the wrong change at work. I am more confident in all aspects of my life. All thanks to Barbara!”
James M

21 year old former client