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Discover What You Can Do About Your Dyslexia Through a Personal Dyslexia Assessment


Are you looking to find out whether you or your child are dyslexic or what else could be the cause of struggling to read and write?

Barbara Hoi of Sydney Dyslexia conducts one-on-one dyslexia assessments for adults and children. These consultations – in person or remotely via Zoom – are focused on solutions, giving you a roadmap to change.

Dyslexia Testing For Adults/ ADHD Assessments

Discover Your Learning Strengths

  • Are you an adult who has struggled with literacy for some time (maybe since Kindergarten)?

  • Do you second guess your spelling or read texts multiple times?

  • Do you feel held back from pursuing your dreams for study or work?

We Offer More than Just a Dyslexia Test

Our Approach at Sydney Dyslexia:

Focuses on discovering your unique learning ability


Identifies obstacles like ADHD, time management and focus

Provides you a roadmap tailored to your goals and needs

What to Expect From Your Dyslexia Assessment

The One Hour Dyslexia Assessment Will Reveal:

If dyslexia is the reason for the challenges
What else to address like focus, ADHD, time management, mathematics, sensitivities...
Learning styles
Goals and which challenges are ready to be addressed
The best path for helping you to move forward
A passion project that will help you stay motivated

Dyslexia Assessment Pricing Details

One-On-One Dyslexia Assessment with Barbara Hoi

Dyslexia Assessment & Email Summary: $220

  • Includes an email summary and roadmap recommendation.
  • Option to book a free debriefing session.

Comprehensive Dyslexia Assessment & Written Report: $480

  • Detailed report with recommendations for educators.

Access the free online dyslexia test here.

How to Book a Dyslexia Assessment or ADHD Assessment

Booking your dyslexia assessment is straightforward.


Choose Your Assessment Type: Decide between two options – with or without the written report by clicking on the buttons below.


Click & Schedule: Click on the booking button and follow the on-screen prompts to set up your 60-minute session.


Specify Your Preference: If you’d like an in-person assessment with Barbara in Mosman, Sydney, Australia, please indicate this in the information box. Otherwise, assessments will be conducted via Zoom.

If you prefer, you can contact Barbara Hoi in person by submitting your contact details. Barbara will contact you back to organise a time.

If you are not sure if the assessment is for you, book a free 15-minute free consultation with Barbara who will be able to guide you based on your personal situation. 

A Client’s Journey: Discovering Clarity Through Our Dyslexia Assessment

Letter received after a dyslexia assessment

“Thank you for your email. When sharing the news with my immediate family, I broke down and cried. I hadn’t cried like that since a close friend had passed away so many years ago. This diagnosis validated all the years of struggle, all the embarrassing and humiliating moments at school that destroyed my self-esteem. All the negative thoughts about myself being ‘dumb’ or ‘unintelligent’. I have spent many years to pick up the pieces, fight the demons and to believe in myself. 

But I am glad I endured it all as it made me more resilient and hard working. I am excited to embark on improving my literacy skills through techniques that better serve the way my brain works. I have signed up for the one year school and will get started on it this week. I will keep in contact to schedule our next appointment once I hit any barriers with the online program.”

Bill H (35 years old)

Adult client

Ready to find out how to reduce the impact of dyslexia on your life?