Book a Dyslexia Assessment

Book A Personal Dyslexia Assessment with Barbara Hoi

Are you looking to find out whether you or your child are dyslexic or what else could be the cause of struggling to read and write?

Barbara Hoi of Sydney Dyslexia conducts one-on-one dyslexia assessments for adults and children. These consultations – in person or remotely via Zoom – are focused on solutions, giving you a roadmap to change.

If you are looking for a free online dyslexia test, visit here. 

The One-Hour Dyslexia Assessment Will Reveal:

  • If Dyslexia is the reason for the challenges
  • What else to address, like focus, ADD/ADHD, time management, mathematics, sensitivities …
  • Learning styles
  • Goals and which challenges are ready to be addressed
  • The best path for helping you to move forward, assessing which short program module is best suited
  • A passion project that will help you to stay motivated

The one-on-one dyslexia assessment with Barbara Hoi includes a written report, roadmap and debriefing session. The total price for the dyslexia assessment is $180.

How To Book a Dyslexia Assessment

Booking a dyslexia assessment with Barbara Hoi via Zoom is easy. Simply click the button and follow the prompts. This will allow you to schedule a 60-minute time for a dyslexia assessment to be completed by Zoom at a time that suits you. The cost for this assessment is A$180. 

If you prefer, you can contact Barbara Hoi directly to coordinate a dyslexia assessment by submitting your contact details here. Barbara will contact you back to organise a time.

If you are not sure if the assessment is for you, book a free 15-minute free consultation with Barbara who will be able to guide you based on your personal situation.