Training Program For Children With Dyslexia

The One Year School - An Online Dyslexia Correction Program

About Our Training Program for Children with Dyslexia

Imagine there was an alternative school.

One that guides your child towards reading with ease in six months. 

One that will give your child the focus and confidence with literacy and numeracy by the end of one year. 

One that stops the trauma and humiliation your child feels, when asked to read out aloud in front of the class.

One that eliminates the stress and anxiety when they can’t keep up, catch up or comprehend as quickly as everyone else.

Regardless if children have been diagnosed with dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, or any other label, it is not their fault. 

The school has not taught them the way they learn.

The reason they struggle is not a lack of intelligence. 

Most children who fail to learn are visual or tactile learners. Most schools teach to auditory students. They teach phonics.

Are you looking for a different school? A better experience?

A school that comes into your home just by clicking on the membership area of the The One Year School five days a week.

One that provides a training program for children with dyslexia where you can take about 30 minutes to one hour a day to catch up on years of failed schooling.

Choose whether you take your child through our dyslexia training program; or have a personal tutor assigned to help you implement parts of the program, tailoring it to the needs of your child.

In the One-Year School, your child will learn:

  • HOW to become and stay focused 
  • HOW to read and learn without the painful sounding out.
  • Without boring repetition.
  • Leaving behind the stressful time restraints and exam torture.

Barbara Hoi Discusses The One Year School

 Who Can Benefit From Our Dyslexia Training Program?

Do you relate to any of these?

  • Your child mucks up at school and finds it really hard to focus and learn.
  • Your child attends school but you wouldn’t know it, as they don’t seem to remember much.
  • You know your child is bright. So why aren’t they able to learn like everybody else?

Children who are visual learners process information differently and schools usually do not cater to these differences, expecting all students will learn the same way.

Your children might have some or all of these challenges:

  • Get anxious and stressed just at the thought of going to school.
  • Doesn’t know how to concentrate or stay focused long enough to learn.
  • Finds it challenging to read, write and spell – no matter how hard they try.
  • Enjoys mathematics, but doesn’t quite understand all the questions and concepts.
  • Struggles more and more every year.
  • Loses their curiosity and confidence.
  • Has great ideas, but can’t express them in writing.
  • Gets into trouble, but may not know why.
  • Finds other ways to shine. Especially in sport or creative pursuits.
  • Has so much more potential, but doesn’t know how to achieve that.

If this sounds like your child and they are over 8 years old, maybe the One Year School is for him or her!


Dyslexia in children causes frustration

Why a Dyslexia Training Program that is One Year Long?

I used to run one-on-one dyslexia training programs for children and adults over a period of 5 days correcting dyslexia or numeracy, ADD, ADHD or hyperlexia, whatever was appropriate. One week with 30 hours of support certainly helped to give every child and adult the tools to correct dyslexia but I found that after the training was complete, there was often a gap in the support needed to continue the journey of dyslexia correction.


The neural pathways that were set during the week needed to be strengthened and reinforced through regular exercise. If there wasn’t the time or knowledge to support the learning, this follow-up was missing which meant that children and adults were not able to achieve the level of success that was possible.


That is what led me to develop The One Year School. This 48-week program gives a dyslexic individual plenty of time to add literacy, numeracy, concept work – and the focus they need to master their academic life and release the anxiety and overwhelm – and instead add the confidence and love of learning to their lives.


Instead of feeling pressured to learn in a short period of time, The One Year School gently guides them through a year of change.


Designed for visual learners, the program makes sure they become very happy and successful learners publishing their first book at the end of the year, it they wish to do so.

At this Online Dyslexia School, Children will Learn:

  • To read, write, comprehend and spell at class level or beyond.
  • That they don’t have to be dyslexic, but if they learn differently, this will help them to improve literacy and numeracy.
  • How to learn differently, using their creative talents.
  • Strategies and tools to achieve focus, knowledge, wisdom and understanding.
  • A step-by-step process to get there and have our support all the way.
  • To activate a different part of their brain that will be useful to apply for their school work, as school will run parallel to the online school.
  • To learn to relax, focus and regulate emotions, while gaining literacy and numeracy skills.
  • To use these new skills to write their own book, if they wish to do so.

What we Cover in The One Year School

What You Get With The One Year School


This program supplements your child’s usual education and provides you with:


  • A Weekly Program which provides a step-by-step approach to a NEW way of learning. 
  • A tutor if you choose to get help. Our tutors are specially trained to recognise blocks and remove any triggers or barriers that may stop your child from learning. They may come to your home or have an office or support you online via Zoom,  to help you implement every part of the program.  
  • Support via a designated private Facebook Group throughout the whole program.
  • A program that includes everything you need for your child to achieve the level of reading, writing, spelling, grammar and maths, to help them through school. 
  • Life concepts, woven into the program to help children with ADD/ADHD to fully participate in school and life. These include time management, public speaking, self-help techniques for mental health support, emotional self-regulation and meditation.

Investment for the One Year School

All this is provided for you and your child for $ 580 a term.

  • We will also provide you all materials needed in a special Tool Kit (as pictured), for the opening special price of $150.
  • For a personal assessment to determine your child’s learning style and if this is the right school, please contact Barbara (below) for a 60-90 min assessment ($150) in Mosman/Sydney or at the Entrance.

With an assessment comes that guarantee that we will refund your money, if after one month you don’t feel that this was the right choice for you or your child.

If you purchase the One Year School for the entire year, your investment is only $ 1800 (a saving of $ 520).

Next Steps

If you think The One Year School may suit your child, contact Barbara Hoi for more details and to discuss whether the program may be a good fit. Barbara’s contact details are here or send a message.

Success Stories

“I would like to be a teacher when I grow up and teach primary kids. I think that would be good to be able to help other kids that were in the same boat as me when I didn’t know how to read or do those things that I now know how to do.”


“Finding Barbara was amazing…. Naomi came to Barbara for some sessions and within a week she was reading simple chapter books. Before that, she was struggling with KIndy readers in Year 3.”

Naomi’s Mum

What Clients are Saying

Doing well at school; reading at assembly

“Hi Barbara, I don’t know if you have had any contact with my daughter-in-law Kelli from Wagga, you helped her daughter Josephine with her dyslexia. I just want to let you know that she is doing incredibly well at school, her reading is amazing. A recent assignment that she did was so good that her teacher insisted that she read it to the school at assembly – at first she was reluctant, but then she relented and she read it out. This would never have happened if she hadn’t met you.” 

Kate from Wagga

Grandmother of Jospehine

Better listening, understanding and self-confidence

(Maggie’s) main goals were to read, write and spell better. The first day she walked out of the programme she said, “mum, this is going to help me” and then explained that, for the first time, the letters of the alphabet meant something to her. After the program finished, she said she felt like she could listen better at school and that it was easier to understand when the teachers explained things…. Most importantly, Maggie feels differently about herself. She says: “I feel like a smart kid now”. Her confidence has grown and it has generalized to other areas of her life. At the same time I noticed that she had more confidence with her peer group. She has been able to walk away from the pressure of conforming to one group, establishing a broader circle of friends. Thank you!”


Mother of Maggie (11 years old)

Reading daily and grateful for the dyslexia gift

The difference: January this year …..would read very simple books for her age. August this year she has just finished the first Harry Potter. She is reading every night voluntarily ,,,,She now believes she has a very special gift that will be hugely beneficial in her life, and that dyslexia is just a different way of learning. She now wants to spread the word and is very confidently telling everyone she is dyslexic and that’s OK! She said to me, “Now I can tell other kids my age it’s Ok, not to worry, they just need to learn the right way (for them) to learn.” It wasn’t until Barbara pointed out the special traits that picture thinkers had that it all made sense: creative, intuitive thinking, a fantastic imagination and great storytellers! I am so grateful that Barbara has given Josephine the confidence to proudly say ” I am Dyslexic.” 

Kelli D

Mother of Josephine

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