About Barbara Hoi

Founder of Sydney Dyslexia and The One Year School

Helping Adults and Children with Dyslexia Achieve Life-Changing Results for Over 15 Years

Barbara Hoi

Hello friends and welcome! 

I’m Barbara Hoi, founder of Sydney Dyslexia and The One Year School.

I know navigating through dyslexia can be overwhelming. Having been through this journey myself with my son nearly 17 years ago, I turned my attention to learning everything possible about dyslexia.

I’ve been trained in the Davis method in 2005, have founded ‘Sydney Dyslexia’ and ‘Autism Sydney’ and have written three books about Dyslexia (The Right Brain for the Right Time, Nurturing the Secret Garden, Learning your Times Tables in Three Bold Steps).

What I found through many years of study, and working with hundreds of clients,  is that dyslexia isn’t something to be ‘fixed’. 

I want to transform the misconception that dyslexia is a learning disability. It’s a learning difference, often linked with difficulties learning in a school environment and showing one’s full potential. The difference, if cultivated, is ultimately a gift.

I’m excited to share with you the joy of confidence that comes with understanding how to focus, read with ease, and being able to fulfil your potential and go for your dreams.


“Barbara you are an amazing woman that has been the angel to so many kids and adults just like me. You showed me who I truly am and will always be and how to accept that. There aren’t enough words to describe you. I am truly and utterly thankful that I was able to meet someone like you in my life. You have been a great large part of who I am and who I will grow to be.”

Josie – 14 year old former client

Meet Barbara Hoi

Your Next Steps With Barbara on Your Dyslexia Journey

Get Help for dyslexia for Adults and Children

Book a Dyslexia Test

Barbara provides one-on-one dyslexia tests for children and adults to help identify where you are at and a plan to improve literacy and numeracy. Find out more about dyslexia tests which can be completed face-to-face in Sydney or online via Zoom.

Book into the One Year School Dyslexia Training

The online Dyslexia Program provides training and tutoring for adults and children with dyslexia. It focuses on teaching literacy and numeracy via online content supported by an App. Find out more about the program for adult dyslexia training or dyslexia training for children.

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Become a Dyslexia Tutor

Reach out to Barbara Hoi if you are Interested in making a difference in the lives of adults and children with dyslexia by becoming a dyslexia tutor.

What Clients are Saying about Barbara Hoi

Improved self-esteem, positivity and school results

“Barbara took us on a journey of discovery, and emotional healing. She repaired self esteem, equipped us with some really useful techniques and started us on a road of positivity and success which honours my son’s unique talents. My son now enjoys reading and is often awarded 10 out of 10 with spelling. He now enjoys school….Completing the… programme does take some commitment and time, but it is time very well spent, and Barbara equips students and parents so very well for success. Robert and I both thank Barbara from the bottom of our hearts.”

Sara and Robert

Happy Parents

Hope and confidence for uni

“Recently I discovered that I had Dyslexia. I was quite surprised, as I thought I would have been picked up at school. But I am now 20 and in my third year at Uni. It was a massive relief, making this discovery, because I realised, I wasn’t that lazy, unmotivated or dumb. Which is how I felt all through school and Uni. Now I hopefully won’t fail any more subjects at Uni. Barbara has shown me punctuation, ways to learn words, that I now fully understand. …basically giving hope for the future. It’s early days but I am excited and confident for what I will be able to do in the very near future.”
Dylan P.

20 year old Uni student

Changed mindset and renewed possibilities
“This course does not only correct Dyslexia, but it also prompts you to look at your life and change it into what you really desire for yourself. I originally took the Course to understand and possibly help my own son; however, along the way I was inspired to alter my mindset and look into a field of creative and renewed possibilities. I recommend it to anyone who wants to delve into the world of the Gift of Dyslexia and its many aspects – or who wants to turn Dyslexia into a gift to themselves.””
Rosie BI

Mother and Teacher