Sydney Dyslexia is opening its doors to the One Year School


What is the Aim of the ONE YEAR SCHOOL?

Do you know how some kids muck up at school, finding it really hard to focus and to learn?

Do you know how they may be at school physically, but you wouldn’t know – as they don’t seem to remember much?

You know they are bright, so why aren’t they able to learn like everyone else?

Do you know someone like that?

Someone who:

  • gets anxious and stressed, just at the thought of going to school
  • doesn’t know how to concentrate or stay focused long enough to learn
  • finds it challenging to read, write and spell, no matter how hard they try
  • may enjoy mathematics, but doesn’t understand all the questions and concepts
  • struggles more every year
  • loses their curiosity and confidence
  • has great ideas, but can’t express them in writing
  • gets into trouble, maybe not knowing why
  • finds other ways to shine, especially in sport or creative pursuits
  • knows that they have so much more potential, but doesn’t know how to deliver it

Now imagine if there was an alternative school, one that doesn’t use the traditional approach, comes into your home office via a daily ‘broadcast’, training you as a parent to help your child to finally know

HOW to become and stay focused

HOW to read and learn without the painful sounding out, or boring repetition, the stressful time restrains and exam torture.

You are not a teacher or tutor?

No problem, you will be assigned a personal tutor that has been trained by us to help you implement every part of the program, tailoring it to the need of your student!

The ONE YEAR SCHOOL, which is additional to your child’s school or homeschooling, provides you (for a small weekly subscription fee of $ 50) with:

  • A Weekly Program that arrives in your inbox with daily tasks, that help with a step-by-step approach to a NEW way of learning
  • A tutor that spends six hours with your child, one-on-one, either by coming to your house or via zoom or another online version, to help you implement every part of the program. You can then book in more hours or days with your tutor as needed, which is then an additional cost.
  • The use of an App, called ‘the Dyslexia Tutor’ that has been designed specifically for the homework. A photo of the final work  with your child will be added to the app and seen and commented by your tutor. The app is fun, creative and interactive.
  • Support all the way
  • All materials needed for the implementation in one special tool kit (at the cost of     $ 150)
  • A program that will include everything you need to achieve the level of reading, writing, spelling, grammar and Maths for your student to fully participate in school either after or during this online school.
  • Life concepts that are woven into the program that include many subjects the schools are not able to provide: time management, public speaking, self-help techniques for mental support, emotional self-regulation, meditation, concepts that help children with ADD/ADHD and many other concepts to help students to more fully participate in school and life
  • Mini courses to prepare these bright individuals for creative online professions, using their imagination as a gift

As this is the most important educational experiment you are taking part in, we are waving the enrollment fee (of $ 1,500) for the first year of operation.

Please pass this on to anyone who you’d like to succeed – either as a corrected dyslexic, a thriving student or a tutor. We need more of those! Please pass the information on.

Let’s use this time of self-isolation to learn and grow, to thrive and reach our dreams.




Looking for schools to pilot a new dyslexia program

I apologise for the long pause in my blogs – but I haven’t been idle. After finishing my last rounds of chemo, (which I have cut short, as I was progressing so well and the scans were clear) I have thrown myself into finishing the creation of my dyslexia app, which I am happy to say has turned out better than expected. I have to thank BAPPO for that, who created a beautiful product!

Now I am having a big favor to ask:

Do you know of a school that would be happy to trial my ‘Dyslexia Tutor’ App next year, for free?

Ideally that school should be in Sydney or at the Central Coast. It can be a Primary or High School, public, private, catholic, home schooling, special schooling, un-schooling, …you get the idea.

It’s free, as I am looking to collect data to sell it later as an evidence-based educational tool. I have put together a program called ‘the One Year School’, which offers the following support:

  1. the app (Dyslexia Tutor), which includes cartoon tutorials, two hundred videos of sight words, visually explained and 7 modules of a dyslexia recovery program.          I will support the teachers, special-ed teachers or anyone who will be working with the dyslexic pupils with a one-day workshop, assessment of the students  for learning style, suitability of this approach and the current state of literacy; and a ‘survival pack’ for each student, including all the materials needed for the one-year school ($ 150, will be the only expense for the school or the parent, a small price to pay to have their child’s dyslexia corrected by the school).
  2. Monthly concepts (such as consequence, time, etc…)  that I’m able to introduce either personally at the school or to the teachers at a time that suits them. These are vital to create a foundation for understanding maths, behaviour and are specifically designed to support the visual mindset of the dyslexic participants.
  3. The program will not only help a dyslexic student, but anyone who struggles with literacy or numeracy and shows a visual or tactile learning style. It will help children with ADD, ADHD, dyspraxia, asperger, hyperlexia, and of course dyslexia. The assessment will clarify, which of these students has the appropriate learning style to benefit.
  4. I’m working on a Podcast, interviewing experts in education, nutrition, mental and emotional support for children and young adults, as well as successful dyslexic adults on how they used the gift of dyslexia to overcome the challenges. I am open to any suggestion! Thank you!

Please call (0402 686 327) or email ( me if you can help me!

I so appreciate you!


How can a teacher help?

It was very exciting to actually get this question asked by a teacher.

Usually mothers ask this question and they want a teacher to support their child – and ask me how to explain their child’s needs to their teacher.

Answering that question is actually tricky. Most teachers will be confronted by a child, whose dyslexia has not been corrected. Therefore I have aimed to focus on the most important aspect of support for these children: understanding how they think and how they learn.

If a child had done a program that is not involving sounding out (like a Davis Dyslexia Correction Program) or finished the Focus First Online Program –, there are more things a teacher could do to help, e.g. how to help the child to regain their focus; how to read without sounding out, how to fully comprehend and how to remember what they have read.

On the video I am actually addressing what is fundamental for teachers to know:

These children are not slow, less intelligent, lazy, broken or disabled. These are not attributes they may voice, but suspicions a teacher may be harbouring.

Nothing could be further from the truth:

  • Dyslexic children are highly intelligent, but would be finding it harder to be focused for prolonged periods of time.
  • Dyslexic children will present as creative and intuitive, but may struggle to reign in their creative mind on a task at hand
  • Dyslexic children may come up with phantastic stories, but struggle to express them in writing, without going off on tangents
  • Dyslexic children will be challenged spellers, being able to spell words one day, but not a week later
  • Dyslexic children may have a wonderful sense of humour, excelling in art and/or sport

Believing in their abilities, strengths and intelligence is the first step.

I love Goethe’s poem on self-responsibility, that ends with these two sentence:

If we treat people as they are, we make them worse

If we treat people as they ought to be, we help them become what they are capable of becoming.

Invitation to a Free Dyslexia Course for Adults

You asked for more information about the FREE Adult Dyslexia Course. Here it is:


I am looking for adults of all ages, whose literacy levels are low to moderate, who are motivated and able to attend every Monday evening in August, from 6.30 – 8.30 pm at 36 Queen St, Mosman.


I’d need to see you prior and assess if this is going to be beneficial for you!

If you think so – or you know someone who fits that description, please contact me via

Phone (0402 686 327) or Email:


Looking forward!…and please don’t miss out, I can only fit in 5 people max!

Why the long silence? What happened?

What happened???

I have to apologize for a very long absence, partially because I have been building a new platform, Focus First, to offer courses online and also for health reasons.

I had to undergo some chemo- and immunotherapy (still happening once a month for five more months) – but non-Hodgkins Lymphoma is apparently an easy cancer to treat.

I need a mission to focus on – so here I am! I have decided to upload free videos to dyslexia-related questions I have had in the meantime.

I also want to start an evening class for dyslexic adults – here in Mosman, once a week. It’s going to be a pilot program and I am looking for about five guinea pigs. Anyone up for it?

Please contact me, if you are interested or have questions: 0402 686 327 or

And here is the first video, as promised:

Why many dyslexic children reverse letters and numbers

I have been asked some questions.

Questions that you may also want answers for, like I wanted when I had no idea why my son Marcus was struggling,

No idea why he was reversing letters and numbers,

Why his handwriting was so poor and never seemed to be in a straight line,

Why he could remember one day, but not the next day,

Why he couldn’t remember names,

And I have decided to make a video library of these answers.

The first video above talks about the b/d or p/q reversal, which many dyslexics are prone to do.

Not all, and often only in early Primary School years.

It explains the thinking style that leads to the confusion and adds up to frustration.

Not your usual library, but an interactive one –  free for everyone.

Interactive, because I would like to hear your experiences, how you have overcome obstacles around your child’s learning, your tips and your questions.

I’d like to get your wisdom out there too, so we can create a community, where we all can learn from one another.

Please join the FOCUS FIRST CLOSED GROUP on facebook

So we are all on the same page, where I upload many more of these short videos and can’t wait for you to join me, share and interact. The next Video will be explaining the difference between the left and right hemisphere of the brain and why dyslexics work dominantly from the right side.

I am so passionate to spread this message – It’s free and I look forward to seeing you there.

Sydney Dyslexia ONLINE as Focus First


Please check it out and let me know what you think?

there are two websites:

this one gets you a free guide to making Dyslexia your Superpower:

and the other link gets you into the 7-week online course to implement the knowledge into wisdom:

On the Focus First Closed Group site on Facebook, I will be posting lots of tips and answering questions in the form of short videos…free.


Questionnaire Dyslexia / ADD/ADHD

Good morning, my friends

I apologize for the long absence and want to explain what I’ve been up to.

After 14 years of working with dyslexic children and adults one-on-one, I have decided to change my approach. I’m going to build a new website that I’ll call FOCUS FIRST as I have always found that the ability to focus body, mind and energy has not been given its full importance.

The ability to FOCUS changes everything: learning, remembering, comprehending and living a deeply purposeful life. Therefore the only workshops (in Sydney and at the Entrance as an intensive retreat) will be around MEDITATION, MINDFULNESS, FOCUS and FREEDOM. The next upcoming course will be soon (mid August), so let me know if you want to be a part (max 5 people)

However, dyslexia still needs to be corrected and I have created

a) a free assessment for children:  Questionnaire for Children

and adults:  Questionnaire for Adults 

Both will address not only dyslexia, but also ADD/ADHD, dyspraxia and dyscalculia.

Please use the links or share them with anyone who would like to find out, if they or their children are dyslexic. I will receive the answers and return the results to the email address supplied – all free of charge.

b) I have also created 7 Modules of an online course that will guide parents or adults step by step through a complete dyslexia correction program, at a fraction of the cost of a five-day program. I’ll let you know more, when it’s up and running.

c) I am in the process of creating an APP, that will replace a dyslexic tutor – and I am very excited about it. That will also be shared here as soon as it’s up and running.