A unique recipe for success for dyslexia in adults and children 

Dyslexia Support for Children

Dyslexia in children requires support to learn

Many dyslexic children are traumatised by the thought of standing in front of a class to read out loud, feeling shameful, stressed and anxious about not being able to read at the speed and accuracy of their peers. They need to learn to read in a different way – as dyslexia is not a learning disability, but a learning difference. Being dyslexic also means they are bright, creative, visual or tactile learners. They can do or be anything they choose to

Dyslexia Support for Adults

Dyslexia Support for Adults

We help dyslexic adults:

  • Not confident in their literacy levels to reach the jobs they are passionate about;
  • Overflowing with creative ideas, but unable to focus to realise them;
  • Hiding in underpaid jobs, not believing they could pass courses, necessary to be promoted.

So that they can read with ease and full comprehension and finally be recognised for their brilliant talents.


Assessments for dyslexia in adults and children

Want to find out whether you or a loved one has dyslexia? This free Online Dyslexia Test for adults and children may help.

Or book a one-on-one dyslexia assessment with Sydney Dyslexia who can assess where you are at and craft a plan to improve literacy and numeracy and increase self-confidence.

Dyslexia Programs

The One Year School
Dyslexia in Adults and Children is helped with Training Programs

This alternative, online school guides dyslexic children and adults towards reading with ease in six months, and towards confidence with literacy and numeracy by the end of one year. 

Regardless if diagnosed with dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, or any other label, this unique school uses the creative, visual gifts of a student to correct their challenges.

Find out more about the program for children and adults.

Dyslexia is a Superpower

Dyslexia in adults and children is a superpower

Dyslexia in adults and children does not mean that they have a disability – it just means they learn differently. Our school system best suits auditory learners. However, adults and children with dyslexia are tactile, visual and creative learners. When their natural learning style is nurtured, dyslexia becomes a superpower.

Training programs for dyslexia which allow children and adults to discover their unique talents help them unlock learning abilities to master literacy and numeracy. They will be able to use their gifts to self-correct the issues that come with dyslexia. Their focus and self-confidence improves. 

As a parent, once your child with dyslexia uncovers their superpower, you will better understand their creative mindset and develop strategies and solutions to help them overcome their struggles. 

The training programs we provide at Sydney Dyslexia including the One Year School are designed to help dyslexia become the superpower for adults and children instead of trying to “fix” perceived flaws.

About Barbara Hoi

Hi, I’m Barbara Hoi and I started this passionate journey out of desperation when my then eight-year-old son kept struggling at school. Through my search for solutions. I was initially trained in the Davis Dyslexia method. My journey continued from there building on my learning through experience finding what worked and what didn’t. I started Sydney Dyslexia to help others and over the last 17 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with and changed the lives of hundreds of children and adults and their families through the system I have developed to correct dyslexia.

– Barbara Hoi

Why Choose Sydney Dyslexia?

9 Things that Set Us Apart

17 Years of Proven Results


Helped correct dyslexia in adults and children (as well as dyspraxia, ADD, ADHD and Asperger Syndrome) to improve literacy, numeracy and confidence over 17 years.

Innovative Online Dyslexia Program

 We know that learning takes time so our program is six months long. It is online so it can be accessed from anywhere to  catch up to age-level or beyond for literacy and numeracy.

Harness Your Natural Learning Style

Most schools teach reading using a phonics approach. Dyslexic students are visual or tactile learners – we use a hands-on visual approach to use the creative gifts of our students. We work with you in areas you are passionate about.

Innovative Dyslexia App

 This App works from your mobile device and specifically supports the training we provide to help adults and children learn faster and with less stress.

Holistic Approach to Correcting Dyslexia

We focus on you as a whole person and consider aspects such as mindfulness, meditation, daily routines, nutrition and physical activity to help get results.

Training of Dyslexia Tutors

 We train tutors in our approach to correct dyslexia so they can support our students to thrive. Our tutors become expert in the age-group they choose to impact.


Develop Literacy via Passion Projects

We know that children and adults learn best in areas where they are passionate. We work with our students to identify a passion project and use this as a pathway to developing literacy. This may include writing a book, creating a YouTube channel or blogging. The sky is the limit!

Support at Every Step of the Way

 We provide support through our private Facebook community and via our Dyslexia App. Our programs provide a range of flexible support options with access to dyslexic tutors.

Broadcast a Dyslexia Podcast


Our podcast informs all aspects of dyslexia and dispels myths about it  to inspire dyslexics. We connect with experts to help increase awareness and create change.

Success Stories

“She’s just doing amazingly well at school …And she also has just gained so much confidence. She started a little business….. and it’s only because she’s been able to have worked with Barbara ….because she wouldn’t have had the confidence for that.”

Josephine’s Grandma

“And we came out the other side completely different child, he is now an avid reader and absolutely chews through Harry Potter’s. We can’t get enough books to keep him going to satisfy his appetite for reading.”

Parents of Sam and Markus

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What Our Clients are Saying

Great grades and amazing friends

I remember telling myself to really try and focus because for once in my life someone actually cared how I felt and how I went in school (other than my family). You showed me a Harry Potter book, and I just thought this woman is crazy, I can’t read that. Sure enough that book was the first book I had ever completed in my life. After that trip I was going so well teaching myself in class and people started to work with me again….. I am now a 14 year old girl that can read, write and complete large maths equations. I (have) great grades and amazing friends.

Josie - 14 year old

Former Client

Confidence and results for father and son

My son .. and I were lucky enough to be able to spend (time)…with Barbara Hoi. I have managed throughout my life to deal with dyslexia, and have … become successful in the finance business by understanding how best to get around the difficulties, and in a senior management role, utilise others to get through detail. I became aware very early that Henry had some of the same issues that I had. The (time) we spent with Barbara have been an incredible experience for both of us. The confidence that Henry has developed since we finished has been remarkable. … He actually picks up a book to read now, enjoying it; improving his grades at school considerably.”

Matthew Birch

Father and son (Henry 9 years) program

Dyslexia is now my advantage

“The fact was that Barbara taught me that Dyslexia was not a disadvantage but in fact a huge advantage, this turned my thinking around. Barbara was able to show me where my brain was working and why I thought the way I did. Barbara also taught me what the rest of the world wanted and how they see the world. Barbara has given me the confidence to pick up the pieces and try again, despite how high the mountain in front me is. The fact is that there will always be mountains in our journey, it’s how we approach these mountains which shows our worth.” Passage from a letter

Dr Neil Macpherson PhD

Former Client