helping dyslexic adults and children utilise their gift    

An introduction to Barbara and the Dyslexia Correction program


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NEW! the One Year School
is opening its doors in 2020
to help adults who would like to thrive and / or help their children do the same!

Ideal for you, if:

You would like to reboot your own body and mind, supported by a small group of like minded adults 

You are a parent of a child that struggles at school

You are a tutor who would like tools and strategies to make a real difference

You are a dyslexic adult who wants to bring forth their full potential

You are sick of taking twice the time to study and not getting the result you know you could achieve

Who to contact for more information:

Barbara Hoi

0402 686 327 or E:


10 & 11/9-13 Hutton Road, the Entrance North


Contact Barbara or subscribe to this site to find out dates and details


Intensive Course - 4 days

All materials 

Luxury Accommodation

Healthy Meals

The Use of 'The Dyslexia Tutor' App and

Support for the year ahead


$ 2,500, payable prior to arrival (min 2, max 4 participants)

$ 3,500, 4 Day course with accommodation, meals, materials and 

  a One-Year Support through the Dyslexia Tutor App


"Since working with Barbara Hoi, I’ve been able to grasp concepts that were obstacles to learning throughout primary school, high school and my university years. No educator could teach me in all those years what Barbara taught me in 5 days. 

More than that, she has helped me to join the dots to a larger understanding of how my brain works and how to get the most of it.  

This insight surpasses relief, for me it is unquestionably a life-changer. Barbara is a highly knowledgeable and skilled professional, who is warm, optimist and committed to her student's learning success. 

If you have the joy of being her student, I encourage you to follow her guidance to the letter, and it’s likely your life could change too."

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