Free Online Dyslexia Test

Signs of Dyslexia

There are many signs of dyslexia and here are a few:

  • Is bright/articulate – but unable to read, write of spell at age level
  • Has a high IQ – but doesn’t test well
  • Feels dumb, has low self esteem
  • Seems to zone out/ daydream
  • May omit, reverse or substitute words
  • Complains of headaches/ dizziness when reading
  • Has low reading comprehension
  • Has difficulty putting thoughts into words
  • Difficulty creating or maintaining order
  • Has difficulty telling the time and managing time
  • Has a strong sense of justice, emotionally sensitive

Why Consider a Personalised One-On-One Dyslexia Test Instead of a Free Online Dyslexia Test?

Free online dyslexia tests can be great but they have their shortcomings. A personalised dyslexia test completed by Sydney Dyslexia will help you identify:


What are the reasons behind the struggles?

What is your most natural learning style?

Are there other factors besides or as well as dyslexia?

What are the recommendations and roadmap to correct dyslexia?

So from our dyslexia assessments, you not only discover whether dyslexia could be an issue for you, but you’ll find out what to do about it for dyslexia correction. And after all, that’s what you really want – solutions to improve your life!

Free Online Dyslexia Test

This free online dyslexia test for adults and children can help you find out whether the symptoms you are seeing may be dyslexia.

This assessment is free to complete and does not require an email address to receive the results.


Next Steps:

If you have completed the free online dyslexia test and want to make sure our approach is the right fit for you or your child, book a one-on-one assessment with Barbara Hoi here. This will give you further information about your learning style and will look at solutions tailored to your needs and goals.