Dyslexia In Adults

If you are an adult with dyslexia who has struggled all your life,
it doesn’t need to stay that way…

New Ways of Learning at Any Age

Many adults with dyslexia have never been diagnosed. Or they don’t believe their struggles are due to dyslexia or that there is anything they can do about it. Some believe they are too old or set in their own way to change things. Due to scientific breakthroughs in neuroplasticity, this too has proven wrong.

At any age, a person can change their neural pathways. This means they can change the way they learn and process information.

Luckily there is also a lot more empowering information about dyslexia out there – dispelling the myth that there is something wrong with being dyslexic. Quite the opposite. There is a huge talent there, a visual big picture thinking mind, a problem-solving gift, often linked with wonderful oral communication skills.

The struggles at school have often shaped a dyslexic adult into someone who perseveres, who never gives up, who listens well and seeks help when needed.

Adults have often helped themselves by using their wonderful creative minds and come up with powerful solutions to help them focus and read better. Solutions like meditation, yoga, mindfulness have shown great improvements – also in alleviating anxiety and stress around their learning.

Adults who want a career change, write a book, or go back to university or pass courses, have found Sydney Dyslexia to shorten the time span they would take to absorb information and help them to focus longer.

Having dyslexia corrected is similar to installing different software in our brain, one that supports a visual/tactile learning style. There are many ways a dyslexic adult will find a solution, and unless their circumstances change, they will not need a correction program.

The Gift of Dyslexia in Adults

Signs of Dyslexia in Adults

    If you are an adult and not sure if dyslexia is the cause of your problems, here are some indicators. Of course, nobody has all of these traits or individuals have created their own brand of symptoms.

    At work, do you?

    • Work at a job that will hide your literacy difficulties or where you aren’t required to read and write much?
    • Work in a higher position that requires a secretary to write?
    • Hide your literacy level from your colleagues?
    • Become frustrated attending “boring meetings” and slower or orderly tasks—often feeling that you already have the answer and others are painstakingly slow?
    • Get easily frustrated or anxious in new situations?
    • Feel overwhelmed by new or unexpected tasks?
    • Choose or prefer a visual, tactile or kinaesthetic career like: Designer, Architect, Engineer, Tradesman, Mechanic, Actor, Artist, Musician, Athlete, Sportsman, Builder or a Businessman with staff?
    • Display a lack of concentration or difficulty to focus on one task, preferring to multitask?
    • Lack the confidence to ask for a promotion?
    • Avoid tests, having difficulty passing standardised tests, sometimes blocking achievements or self-sabotaging?
    • Consider yourself highly successful and driven—or an underachiever, not living up to your own potential?
    • Come up with creative new ideas that are out-of-the-box?
    • Try to avoid reading manuals, rather learning by doing, hands-on or demonstration?
    • Watch a YouTube clip on how-to-do anything?
    • See yourself as practical, street smart and a good judge of character?
    • Make choices intuitively or instinctively?
    • Display a sixth sense, or “read” people?
    • Remember having struggled at school, with reading, writing, spelling and/or math?
    • Rely on others to assist you, having become a skillful delegator?
    • Make frequent spelling mistakes?

    At home, do you?

    •  Have poor recall of conversations or sequence of events, often arguing about occurrences?
    • Have a dyslexic child or children and sometimes see yourself in their struggle?
    • Feel insecure or avoid reading to your own children or helping them with their homework?
    • Get easily distracted, stressed, frustrated or overwhelmed?
    • Appear to “zone out” and retreat into your own world?
    • Play computer games or video games?
    • Get told you mispronounce words, without realising it?
    • Excel at sport?
    • Have excellent memory of some events and hardly remember stories from your school days?
    • Remember people’s faces but not their names?
    • Get accused of not listening?
    • Find it hard to remember verbal instructions, especially lengthy ones?
    • Avoid reading out loud?
    • Read silently or speed-read?
    • Find it easy to come up with jokes and situational humour?
    • Find that comprehension depends on the subject matter?
    • Frequently have to re-read sentences in order to comprehend?
    • Quickly become tired or bored with reading?
    • Rely on your partner for literacy skills?
    • Like writing capital letters only or use poor handwriting to mask poor spelling?
    • Guess at the use of punctuation marks?
    • Find hard math concepts easier than simple math concepts?
    • Have right-left confusion?
    • Lose track of time and are either always late or obsessively punctual, finding it hard to estimate how much time passed?
    • Lack of self-esteem in certain areas of your life?
    • Function poorly in stressful situations? 

    Dyslexia Help for Adults

    A lifetime of struggle does not mean that dyslexia treatment cannot change your life. Just listen and read below at what some of our former clients have said about the change they have had in their lives through our dyslexia training.


    Complete a free online dyslexia test which does not require you to submit an email address to get your results.


    Book a one-on-one assessment with Barbara Hoi to help you confirm your learning style and solutions to improving your literacy and numeracy as an adult.


    Consider the One Year School dyslexia online training program to help you improve your literacy and numeracy and confidence.

    Dyslexia Success Stories

    “Prior to (the course), I found life rather difficult. I would pretend to read the paper.. My reading was about a 3 year old. I found it good to do the program …and life is very different. I don’t struggle to read things now…  I’m actually understanding it and enjoying it a lot…I just take my time….”

    Robert 65 year old Client

    “The experience (from the dyslexia training) was amazing….You put a key in my head and you turned it and now I can read.. (Learning over one year) is going to help everyone dyslexic or not. I think it’s the right way to learn such complex words…”

    Andrew – Client whilst struggling at work – Engineer completing a PhD

    What Adult Clients are Saying

    Confident about uni and excited for his future

    Barbara, you have given me the tools to work out the meanings for words, sentence structure, grammar and now I enjoy reading! I am starting to see patterns and I am getting the academic foundations to apply at Uni. Now I am confident in my ability to tackle my course. I now read differently and see the context from a different perspective. Words now have meaning! I now know how to build words, remember their spelling and put them in sentences. I am more excited now about my future – it’s like being excited about putting the puzzle together. Thank you so much!”


    38 year old Former Client

    Life-changing – I’m a different person

    I have found this course a very life-changing experience for me. It has made me a very different person from what I was before starting in October this year. 2012. There were parts I was sceptical of, but to my surprise I have come to make them a very big part of my daily life, changing not only me, but also others around me: family, friends and work associates. I would say to anyone who would like to make big changes in their lives to do this course, whether for self improvement or to help others. They will be well rewarded by completing this course with Barbara Hoi.

    Robert G.

    Adult Dyslexic in his 60's

    Better reading, writing, driving, and more creativite

    I have just finished a …program with Barbara Hoi and already see amazing results … I know how to be centred and able to handle situations …. My reading, writing, organising and driving have improved a lot. I feel calmer in general…. Now I am more joyful within myself and discovered my creative talents ….and more mental energy. Before I was chronically mentally exhausted – and had been for about 30 years…the contradiction of being intelligent and feeling stupid. My level of confidence has returned (it left me at age 7…), the social awkwardness has gone too … What a fulfilling and life-changing experience, I am grateful.”


    Adult Client