When we ask of our clients to form the alphabet, this is what Dyspraxia might look like.

Daniel is dyspraxic. When we started working with him he was struggling to talk, seemed clumsy and awkward, his speech was sometimes very hard to understand and when you watched him, you’d think he’s in the wrong body.

Letters of the alphabet, such as W, V, Z or any angular letter could be the most challenging. This didn’t just take a couple of minutes, but was an effort over a couple of days with lots of breaks and alignment exercises, focusing tools and other ways to open new neural pathways.

However, once this had been mastered, a change had taken place on the neurological front and from then on Daniel had no more problems with the other letters. As the days of intensive working with him one-on-one finished after day 5, he was hugely improved.

Now he seems much more at ease in his body, can stand on one leg without wobbling, his speech is greatly improved (with more room for improvement) and he is a much happier boy as a result. Thanks to mum, who continues working with him, he’ll get better and better.