Great to ‘see’ you again and for those who don’t know me personally -I’m Barbara Hoi. Welcome to my first Newsletter about Dyslexia. I am so excited!

Dyslexic thinking is right brain thinking (creative, intuitive, visual)… which often seems to me the right brain to think with in the world we live in. Unfortunately at school we are mostly taught to listen (and listening can be a slow, linear auditory processing task). Students who are more creative, often fail to reach their true potential in that auditory environment.

So my aim – and the aim of all Davis Dyslexia facilitators – is NOT to fix anything, as nothing  is broken. Dyslexia is not an illness – and it is definitely not a mental deficiency. Dyslexia is a visual or tactile learning strength and as facilitators we give our clients the tools

-to use their picture thinking talents to make sense of the ‘abstract’ words (words that don’t have a picture, like ‘by’, ‘for’, ‘while’…)

-to focus at will and remain in that state of focus while working or learning

-to reduce their stress, anxiety and low self esteem.

We don’t use the mainstream approach of  teaching phonics – which is perfect for auditory learners – but extremely frustrating for Dyslexics. In other words, we are not trying to teach an eagle to swim or climb trees.

In the past, I have spent too much time teaching some basic GRAMMAR to my clients, which is not really the aim of a Dyslexia Correction Program, but without it, a lot of words don’t make sense. These grammar videos with a focus on GRAMMAR for DYSLEXICS will be posted for free on YouTube and you will get them first in the Newsletters.

Although I’m going to focus more on Dyslexia, I’ll also include News from the World of Autism (I used to talk about Asperger, the higher functioning individuals on the Spectrum, but that label is about to be dropped). There are many issues overlapping on that wide range of Right-Brain Thinkers.

Programs for the beautiful children on the AS (Autistic Spectrum) are different, with focus on life concepts – a way of making sense of this world and helping them to fully participate in it.

I hope you are going to interact with me, let me know how I can add more value to you and to these free Newsletters. Please feel free to pass them on to family, friends and other parents who may benefit. If they subscribe, they will be get them directly.

My work is now both in Sydney/Mosman and at the Central Coast/the Entrance North – for the many children/adults that come  from interstate or overseas. The studio at the Entrance, located right on the ocean, doubles up as a 3 bedroom luxury apartment, perfect to holiday while changing their lives.

I am looking forward to helping you in every way I can – for free with advice and the Newsletter, or a phone call – or with a program, that may also be provided by myself or other Davis facilitators in Australia.