Don Winkler (quoted by Thomas Petzinger, Jr)

“Don Winkler has a brain for the 21st century. A dyslexic brain. As other managers struggle to ‘think outside the box’, Mr. Winkler has no other way of thinking …In five years he has built the finance arm of Banc Once Corp. from an industry also-ran to $ 26 billion in assets. How he did so says a lot about Mr. Winkler and the value of quirky thinking in a chaotic business world”.


These comments by Mr.Winkler’s exec are not rare in the world of Dyslexia and confirm, what Ron Davis has always taught: ‘ These Individuals do not succeed despite their Dyslexia, but BECAUSE of it.’ It is the visual mindset, the creativity and intuition inherent in people who spend much of their life on the right side of the brain, that fosters Leadership in business, industry, sport, literature, entertainment, art, innovation, philosophy, politics…

Most people spend far too much time and effort focused on obvious problems to be corrected rather than identifying and developing the hidden potential.

There is a big difference in facilitating a solution that provides the Dyslexic child with tools to develop and master their own learning – and a ‘fixing-mentality’, where we perceive aspects of the child as ‘defect’ or in need of outside intervention. How would you rather learn? What would make you feel smarter, or more capable?