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I have rarely met a dyslexic student who does not suffer from stress and anxiety in class. The statistic that one in five students are affected by stress-related illnesses must surely point to the high levels of stress that are necessary on a frequent basis to create clinically verified illnesses, like depression, eating disorders, behavior problems, toxicity, gut issues, chemical- and neurological disorders and dysfunctions of the nervous system, just to name a few.

The few clients of mine that are not affected by any stress-induced health problems are those who ‘zoom out’. The level of inattention, attention deficit (ADD) or ADHD are some of the ways to opt out of stress, yet doesn’t promise the solution needed to learn: Learn strategies to release the stress, to regain focus and actually LEARN by paying attention to teachers. One of the tools I love to teach my students is EFT, or ‘tapping’ and the YouTube clip gives a really nice, short snippet from the standpoint of teachers, parents and the students themselves.

Stress is bad enough for students, dealing with a fast life style, information overload and the pressure of exams – but imagine a child with dyslexia, who on top of all that has trouble processing information, struggling to read and to retain and comprehend the information. EFT can really help them: