Bored Kids

My child is really bored at school – and often at home too. What can I do to help him?

When I have a client who starts to yawn or looks like he is bored, it indicates to me that there is something he doesn’t understand – and that he needs a break. Most children who breeze through work, fully comprehending what they do, will only get bored with too much repetition. This of course does not apply to my clients. In the beginning they are struggling to follow instructions, grasp concepts, stay focused and apply what they have learned. Not surprisingly the overload will cause them to disconnect.

The result of such a confusion and overload is disorientation. Disorientation can show in many ways: the colour of the skin changes, the eyes are not engaged, fidgeting, breathing changes, mistakes are made – and quite often yawning. Most people might assume then: My child is bored or I am too slow. Instead of giving the child a break and then go back and slow down, they speed up or push on.

Teachers may not know this and it helps to ask a child questions that will indicate if the material that was just covered is really understood.