How do I overcome my own frustration as a parent with the system, and with my child’s inability to cope in that system?

Unfortunately we cannot change the system; we can only help a child to cope within the system. Our education system is changing, but very slowly and not always in favour of the struggling children. The level of support in school varies too; some are more accommodating than others.
Sometimes the schools that seem to welcome diversity and have a lot of support in place end up being the worst choices. They create classes for “special cases,” where fifteen to twenty-five children with a variety of issues are pooled together and they end up triggering each other. The unhappiest children I see actually come from these classes. Not only do they find it hard to cope in the class setting, but additionally with the stigma of being in “special-ED” and the bullying that often comes with it. I would love to find a school that focuses entirely on the gifted, visual learner and tailors the curriculum around the strengths of their students. Please let me know if you have found one.

Children not coping in school System