Building Emotional Intelligence

When I first say Sarah, the beautiful 8-year old was hiding behind her mother. She appeared severely traumatized and only opened up when I assured her that this is not like school, there is no testing, just a chat to get to know each other. She was still very shy during the consultation and the answers to my questions pointed to a lot of stress during school, bullying and very low self-esteem.

It usually isn’t until after the one-week program, that children start to relax and regain their confidence. They need to assure themselves that they are clever and can achieve anything they want to.

Anxiety is one of the most common by-products of dyslexia – and one of the┬ámost damaging one.

Many dyslexic adults have been taking anti-depressants and medication to suppress their anxiety all their lives.

Parents ask how they can help their child, so I have included the link to this article.