A typical letter/email from a worried mum:

I am sure many mothers out there can relate very well!

“Brief History – I have been aware that something hasn’t being ‘right’ for a few years, Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of Support or people who know about Dyslexia in Singapore, even though we attend an International School. In 2010, I had him privately tested over here, I can send a copy of the brief report I received. The psychologist verbally told me that Dean had Slight dyslexia but he didn’t have all of the traits, so nothing to worry about. We have had extra help through school but I don’t believe this is working. I have being feeling more frustrated for him, and over the past 12 months, i have seen no improvement in his reading, it is a daily fight to get him to read, as he struggles so much he just shuts down. About 2 months ago his teacher told me he had lost some of his enthusiasm for learning, for me this was a massive wake up moment!!! as he had always being so keen to learn and participate, I assume the work was getting harder and he felt frustrated. 

He is the happiest, kindest boy you would meet with a huge personality, and I have always being told that the class wouldn’t be the same without him and that he contributes to the class conversations openly with enthusiasm and interesting facts. 

The years seem to be passing too quickly and looking towards Year 6 and then secondary school for him, it scares me how he is going to cope if he cannot read the text fluently. When I was reading your website, I noticed he has a lot of the traits, the only one he doesn’t have is his understudying of ‘text’. He may read slow and disjoined with zero expression, but he understands what he reads, although he then cannot transfer this to pen and paper, as he hates writing. 

I’m not sure whether he can be tested while we are over here, however if would be great to get an accurate diagnosis so if he does indeed have Dyslexia we can get him the correct help he needs. I’m sure the school would co-operate if they had to help in any way. I look forward to hearing from you. “