The World According to the ADD/ADHD child

Children who are showing signs of distractibility or lack of focus often fall into the ADD/ADHD category. They spend hours in a state of disorientation where they experience an alternative reality. Often this reality replaces the reality that the rest of us experiences.

But what would it be like to entertain ourselves in a self created fantasy world?

In an imaginary world time doesn’t exist – everything happens at once.

Order doesn’t exist – everything simply is, everywhere you can imagine – randomly.

Consequences don’t exist – we make it up and in that alternative reality things ‘just happen’.

Being director and creator and actor of that inner fantasy makes for a great movie, where everything circulates around ‘me‘.

Not surprisingly, these life concepts of me, change, consequence, time and many others are missing, incomplete or inaccurate.

In the ‘Davis world’, these concepts play a major role in establishing a new order of understanding and an ability to fully participate in life.

Ron Davis: “If you eliminate the reason why a problem exists – the problem will stop existing.”

ADD and the world of entertainment.