Dyslexia and Spelling

May 21, 2014 | Literacy

Dyslexia and spelling joke


Just a few interesting words you’ll see:

don’t: bont

judge: juj

stuff: suf

by: duy

size: sise

because: becas

thinks: feks

…. and the list goes on. This is a real example from a very bright 7-year old who is now doing extremely well, a year later.

Creative spelling is one of the most common side effects of this creative mind-set. These children have gone through many years at school, trying to read, write and spell, using the phonic way that suits so many children. Unfortunately not my clients. They are telling me that sounding out makes them feel nauseous, confused, frustrated and – worst of all, stupid.

When they see that 80 % of children in the class room have improved and seem to be getting it, the increasing lack of confidence is one of the signs that help is needed – but not help in the way of doing the same words in the same way as they do them at school. 


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