I really think I ought to put Finland onto my bucket list – with the amount of posting I do about this rather small country, which seems to have the most innovative educational and social approaches. This one highlights the value of silence to not only give the brain a rest but to improve learning, focus, imagination and creativity.

Instead of handing a child the iPad as soon as they are bored, maybe silence could be a valuable alternative.

The ‘Lifehack’ article claims that


“Finland may be on to something very big. You could be seeing the very beginnings of using silence as a selling point as silence may be becoming more and more attractive. As the world around becomes increasingly loud and cluttered you may find yourself seeking out the reprieve that silent places and silence have to offer. This may be a wise move as studies are showing that silence is much more important to your brains than you might think.

Traveling to Finland may just well be on your list of things to do. There you may find the silence you need to help your brain. Or, if Finland is a bit out of reach for now, you could simply take a quiet walk in a peaceful place in your neighborhood. This might prove to do you and your brain a world of good.”