Meaningful Homework

This might be a general article about the value of homework, rather than the quantity, but in the case of dyslexic students it has even more relevance. As it says in the article, some parents confuse the amount of homework given with the quality of good teaching, which is not so. Many times homework for struggling students can be a huge burden, impacting in a negative way on their precious relaxation time – even┬ámore needed for dyslexic students on overload – and is often done by desperate parents to avoid the drama and trauma surrounding it.

Yes, homework can teach time management and other important skills, but who teaches these skills to a dyslexic student in the first place, who is in a perpetual state of overwhelm and frustration – having not even given skills to reduce their anxiety and increase their focus, let alone how to be in a state of orientation.

Good article, though! Please read here:

Homework and the Brain