Dyslexia in Schools – A Letter From New Zealand

Apr 16, 2014 | Education

Guess what – Australia is further behind in that matter than NZ. Dyslexia isn’t acknowledged nor dealt with by our government, by our education system nor taught to our teachers.

In New Zealand at least Dyslexia exists – officially. This was found in an open letter in the Dominion Post:

Letter to Fairfax NZ: Between 20-25 per cent of children in any classroom suffer from dyslexia to some degree. Without being able to read, each dyslexic child’s education is fraught. Many of these children are highly intelligent and simply fall by the wayside. And they have been doing this for years because it appears that successive governments haven’t cared.

To me it is a breach of their right to a proper education yet many schools are unwilling to research and apply remedial learning. There is no requirement for schools to address the plight of these children so many fall between the cracks

It is not a difficult issue to address. Where schools are creating successful programmes, such as Kenakena School in Paraparaumu and Raumati Beach School, the results are wonderful from both reading and comprehension perspectives and for each child’s feeling of accomplishment and self-worth. And the way they go about it is astonishingly simple and effective.

For years dyslexic children have had no voice. Please help give them one.



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