I have posted on this topic before and it was a privilege to get the comment below to clarify: “I dunno if I agree with this. I’m sure there were plenty of eras in the past where reading and writing weren’t essential for getting by in life. There is so much focus on literacy that we forget there are other areas where strengths can be held.

In a time where literacy has become essential, I hope this isn’t THE era! We have so far still to go with improving attitudes and help towards those with dyslexia and other SpLDs.”

I totally agree with you, thank you for pointing this out! I always forget to mention that I talk about Dyslexics who are corrected. They still get to keep their gifts and talents, but lose the struggle, the confusion and the disorientation. They get the tools to focus, get taught a new way to read to allow for total comprehension, find a way to spell so they remember the word next time around, they start to write in a way that other people can pick up on their brilliant ideas, instead of them being lost in a muddle of words without punctuation marks. Of course they are the ones doing all the work – but at least they know HOW TO. 

Yes, this is the era where literacy is absolutely essential, but also where the creative mind can shine and find the solutions that are outside the box by people who don’t quite fit our boxes. It is the era to be dyslexic, especially if you are fortunate enough to have the challenges corrected.

I hope that makes sense and clarifies my point.