Did you Know this About Dyslexia?

Nov 1, 2017 | About Dyslexia

Did you know this about dyslexia:

  • That Dyslexia is the most common learning disability (well, I dislike that word, as it’s really a learning difference) and 70 – 80 % of children in Special Ed are dyslexic?

…..Yet I still have to find a Special Ed unit that teaches dyslexics in the way they learn best, instead of trying to correct their phonic difficulties.

  • That the dyslexic brain is larger and more creative than the average brain?

…..yet the fact that they process language using the right side of the brain – while non-dyslexic readers use the left side of the brain – doesn’t seem to warrant a different way of teaching them to read, just more hard work and repetition.

  • That 11 % of the population is left-handed and the majority of them are dyslexic?

……yet I have still found that far more than 50 % of my dyslexic clients are right-handed.

  • That a Yale study has found that the ratio between dyslexia in boys and girls is roughly 50/50?

…..yet in Autism there are more boys than girls affected.

Did you know this about dyslexia


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