Nurturing the secret garden

I’m excited, the new book was published today – will let you know when it is available on Amazon or Amazon Kindle.

What it’s about:

The charming story of ‘the Secret Garden’ is a tale of transformation – as much as the ability to read can fundamentally transform a person’s life. Gaining fluency and enjoyment of reading can be like establishing a beautiful garden in your backyard.

When working with dyslexic students or anyone who is struggling with literacy, accurate focus and the mastery of words are our tools to reading; abstract words that visual learners find hard to picture get planted like seeds. It is now up to the apprentice gardener to continue planting, weeding and pruning as all the knowledge has been passed on.

The daily exercises and reading this book are watering the new garden to full maturity and bloom. No wonder ‘the Secret Garden’ by Frances Hodgson Burnett seems like a perfect choice to create the road map to our own stunning garden of knowledge.