When Lauren Vanderkam studied the Schedules of high achievers, she found that they had many traits in common:

1. They all get up EARLY before the insanity starts and before their goals have competition.

2. They follow a RITUAL, or a healthy HABIT that they decide on to start their day (that may be yoga, meditation, a run, writing for an hour – in short, anything they deem to be really important to put them into the right frame of mind and set them up for the day)

3. They determine their goals: What is the SEQUENCE of IMPORTANCE. Research has found that people who have goals are happier, more confident and feeling more in control of their life.

Apparently that sense of CONTROL differentiates students of similar abilities and determines their work ethics, confidence, success and why those who have goals and a sense of confidence in achieving it seem to get the better grades and show more ‘grit’, the perseverance it takes to achieve. 

In reading all that I have found it interesting that most of these abilities are the concepts we are working with, when we work with a Davis Dyslexia Program or a Davis Attention Mastery Program. The Who are We and up to RESPONSIBILITY creates awareness of CONSEQUENCE, TIME and SEQUENCE on the way there. Very powerful stuff.