Can You Have Varying Degrees of Dyslexia?

Mar 12, 2014 | About Dyslexia

Can you have varying degrees of dyslexia.

Can you have varying degrees of Dyslexia?

Oh yes, that is all Dyslexia really is: a variety of different ways to cope with disorientation. There are no two Dyslexics who display the same degree nor the same symptoms. Some Dyslexics are only showing the positive aspect of it and hardly any literacy or numeracy difficulties – and would never even receive a Dyslexic ‘title’.

They may not love to read and when reading, just leave out the little ‘boring’ words (which is a sign of Dyslexia, as they are having difficulty comprehending abstract words, that don’t bring up an
image). However, being as intelligent as most of them are, they still get the zest of the text and find coping strategies to cover up any difficulties. Others distract from a varying lack of understanding by becoming the class clown, the bully, the daydreamer, the chatterbox…anything really helps them better than a feeling of helplessness, of not being in control.


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