Limits with dyslexia

It’s Easy To Just Focus on Limits With Dyslexia

When I found out that my son was dyslexic – he was in Year 2 – I truly believed that he will be limited in his choices, the professions, degrees, jobs and opportunities! Deep down – when I am really honest – I have to admit to this mistake! I had thought that Keanu would have limits with dyslexia to what he would be able to achieve when he left school. At that time I wasn’t even certain he would not be leaving school before getting to Year 12. The possibility of going on to study at university wasn’t even on my radar.

Dyslexic Individuals are Limitless!

I am ashamed to admit this – as now I have the exact opposite view and experience. 17 years later, with the wisdom of hindsight and having seen hundreds of adults and children transform in front of me – I proclaim: Dyslexic individuals are like everybody else: They are ‘limitless’ – or at least only as limited as the rest of the population. Having the strong imagination they often command, it will serve them even more in achieving their dreams.

Do they need help from time to time? Of course, we all do. But the point is: Dyslexia is not the stumbling block so many people still believe and have proven to themselves and to others.

But Limiting Beliefs are the Biggest Roadblock to Success…

The biggest roadblock to our success – being dyslexic or not – are our limiting beliefs.

These stories have started when we were young and heard things like:

  • “Your younger sister can read this, how come you can’t?” or
  • “Well, we can’t all be academically minded.”  or
  • “He is lucky if he makes it through school,” or
  • “I don’t think your son will amount to much in life” (maybe some mean teacher in the past?).

These stories, when they fall on the fertile soil of an impressionable young mind, become the seeds of our identity later.

And as we keep repeating these thoughts unconsciously, running deep down in the subconscious corners of our minds, we make them true over and over again. Eventually, life confirms too that we are right, we are just not very good at reading; we just can’t spell to save our lives; we don’t have a brain for maths; we are …

The Magic of ‘I am’ Phrases

With phrases that start with ‘I am’ or ‘We are’ there is a certain magic.

The meaning of ‘I am’ is “I live” and whatever word follows these two magic words has the power to frame us into a life experience that may not serve us. Unfortunately, nobody has warned us in the past that thoughts create beliefs and together with the emotions they become very magnetic.

We attract the lives that confirm our identity – the identity we usually didn’t even have a hand in creating in the first place.

Unfortunately, I have seen clients who aren’t able to change these limiting beliefs.

Clients like Jeremy, who was an amazingly talented 14-year old student, excelling in sport and art, highly creative, fun to be with and with unusual insights and fantastic imagination. He saw that what he could achieve had limits with his dyslexia. After our program which had lasted five days, he could read and write at a much higher level, with focus and comprehension.

However, the old belief still in place, that he’s just not a reader and will never go to university and will never achieve much in life, he sabotaged himself by not following up on any work that is necessary to create that new identity. 

It would help to focus daily in a calm and centred way, do the homework exercises and read with the new awareness gained.

Limits with Dyslexia can be helped with I am statements

Changing Old Belief Patterns Through New Habits

With The One Year School for children, and adults I have made it a daily exercise to spend 30 to 60 minutes on what is really needed to be focused and to read. These exercises help change the belief of a dyslexic individual in what they see they are able to achieve. I know the power of these exercises and wanted to give everyone the opportunity to gain the benefits of these to help reduce their limits with dyslexia. That is why I have developed a 5-Step Audio Course called FOCUS and READ that is absolutely FREE. 

This FREE 5-Step Audio Course will enable a student to find out how they learn and if they are the creative, visual or hands-on learners.  They get to experience the effects of laser-sharp focus and a new and different way of reading and learning.

Today the Dyslexia Podcast that accompanies the One Year School has aired for the first time  I invite you click this link to take you to the Podcast – and in this I am offering FREE access to my 5-Step FOCUS and READ audio course.

The One Year School Podcast was created for people like Jeremy to help them change their lives on a deeper level, so literacy can be the new reality. There are interviews with many experts on a variety of topics that can affect the lives of anyone who would like to change their lives, but with dyslexic needs foremost on my mind.

In episode 1 you will hear my own story about how and why I got involved with dyslexia. In episode 2 you will hear the opinion of my son Keanu and his take on the education system. You will hear from authors, energy and trauma release therapist; coaches and trainers of any topic that you probably haven’t heard in any classroom of your current or past schooling.

I look forward to you joining me in my Dyslexia Podcast.

Limits with Dyslexia Podcast