I am sure most of you have seen or done the free online dyslexia test, but if not, it’s a good indicator. If only about 30 % are applying to you or your child, it’s already worth checking out, if a program could help with the difficulties or increase the talents.

I have given it to the teachers in Austria who have come to a dyslexia talk, as most of them are not well informed about dyslexia and/or have no idea what to do with the students they have been entrusted with. Most teachers there were so-called ‘Integration-class teachers’, as in Austria, they are trying to slowly phase out any special-ed classes, integrating all students into traditional class room situations. There is only one problem (well, I suppose there will be many more, actually): the teachers have no knowledge or training on how to assist these two to four students in each class that they are there to help.

These teachers inspired me in their thirst for more information and knowledge to make a difference in their pupils’ lives. It is the system that needs help, as surely the teachers have all the motivation and focus to participate.