Math for dyslexics

Last week I was in Austria and privileged to work with a young Dyslexic client, facilitating a very colorful Math Program. It was a pleasure to witness the emergence of a real genius in math after only 3 days.

After having finished my book on Dyslexia recently (The Right Brain for the Right Time), which is currently being published, I have started a new book: “Math Aliens, come. I need you!”

The title was inspired by a young client who wrote the above words in big red letters onto my whiteboard. After two days he replaced it with: “Don’t need to come after all this training. Thanks”.

Correcting dyscalculia (when a student has difficulty with some aspects of arithmetic or mathematics) or acalculia (a student cannot perform arithmetic at all) is the aim of the Davis Math Mastery Program, which is done with the same simple elegance as the Dyslexia Correction Program.