Learning your Times Tables

Jul 6, 2016 | Maths

It’s written! I finished the first Maths book, called “Learning your Times Tables – in Three Bold Steps” ,  today. Now I’m waiting for the designer to come back with the drawings, then it will go to America for editing and then publishing.

The second and surely last Maths book that I’ll ever write,  is called “Unlocking the Maths Genie – in Three Bold Steps” . It will include parts of the first one, but goes into much more detail and has so far 13,948 words. It will be useful for any visual learner, dyslexics who find Maths challenging or individuals who have been tagged with ‘dyscalculia’.

I have chosen the “Three Bold Steps” because:

Three: a trio, triptych, trilogy, trinity, troika…for Maths: triangular, third, threefold, three-dimensional. Like the famous ‘rule of three’ in writing, that also shows up in jokes, fairy tales and slogans, among many other mediums, I have always found it easy to remember and apply three things or strategies.

Bold: a person, action, or idea showing a willingness to take risks; confident, daring, brave and courageous. I have chosen bold as the adjective, as I believe it takes courage to change and apply a different approach to a challenge.

Steps: always implies a movement forward to a new position or level. Anybody who picks up a book to improve a task or a situation wants to move their understanding to a new place, a better place.


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