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Is this the era to be dyslexic?

Wonderful question! If ever there was an era where these right-brain thinkers were to thrive, it would be now. Our world gets more visual all the time. We cannot cope well with the “infobesity” (the information overload), the increased speed of creation, the solving of problems with our linear way of thinking. It certainly seems to make sense that people who are visual, intuitive and creative are better equipped to come up with solutions to many of our major environmental, social, economic, energy and lifestyle problems today.

Is it cool to be dyslexic?

That surely is an individual question I wouldn’t even dare to answer.
I personally think that I am slowly getting more dyslexic, which is good news. I am striving to have a balanced brain, having access to both sides of the brain, depending on the task at hand. I have always thought of dyslexics as being cool, as I like individuals who don’t fit into a box.