Is There a Font Ideal for Dyslexics?

Feb 10, 2015 | Literacy

I have had a mixed feedback from introducing the font to dyslexic clients. Yes, some have seen that it helps, others have actually found it frustrating. What do you think?

Check it out:

Dyslexie, the Font

In the long run, it’s not really about which font is useful and which one is not. Isn’t it more important to ask – do I comprehend what I am reading? How focused am when reading and how long can I remain focused?

When we are in a state of frustration and disorientation, no font will make us feel better – if we are focused, have meaning with all the words we read and have corrected or mastered dyslexia – then I can see that a preference in a font can make reading even more enjoyable. Everyone will have a preference though, dyslexic or not.

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  1. floridaborne

    Times New Roman is too squiggly. The squiggles just make it harder to read. I prefer Tahoma. My preference is to use a text-reader. 🙂


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