Dyslexia and maths

Can dyslexics have problems in numeracy, rather than literacy?

Absolutely! And it has nothing to do with reversing the 6s and 9s, or of the numerals 43/34. That may also be an indication, but often the math problems are caused by a lack of understanding basics and missing foundations. Without the concepts of change, time, sequence and order, math is built on shaky ground. Once the pillars of math have been established and math is taught in an appropriate manner for visual learners, they usually not just improve, but start loving math.

A student also needs to know the reasoning and the objectives behind a mathematical problem. That creates the motivation to change in the first place.

I am currently writing a book on Maths specifically for dyslexic individuals. Originally I was going to call the book: ‘Math Aliens come, I need you’. That title came from a client of mine, who wrote that in big red letters onto my whiteboard on day one of our program, only to change it to: ‘No need to come, thanks! This program works.’ 

Working with Dyslexic children and adults on a program takes about three days, once they have mastered the literacy – and is so much fun, as I have found that they get it very quickly and easily, when explained in a visual way.