Obsession with Screens, Apps, Digital and Electronic Games

Jun 5, 2014 | Focus

Obsession with screens

Is it a joke or not?

More and more young clients come to see me, almost surgically attached to their devices. The thought of not having their mobile phone close-by to quickly text a friend, check google for vital information, or update their facebook to the latest news break is almost unthinkable. Even mums are hard to convince that they might be ok to survive one day without having the opportunity to tell them that everything is ok. Is it only because these children seem to have more anxieties and meltdowns, that we worry about them or is it a general trend?

Of course the vital pack that comes with these gorgeous beings is not limited to phones and lunches. There are iPads, iPods, mp3-players, tablets, laptops or games on various devices I hadn’t ever seen before. What else will they do during break times? How bored will they be?

I used to accept and approve any device for their break or lunch time – until I realised that I am doing my clients a great disservice. It would take them several minutes or longer to get their mind off the game that had just occupied the short break – and in effect robbed them of the opportunity to make the best of the hours we have together to achieve their real goals:  to fully participate in life; to master their own focus and learning; to read, spell and write fluently and with confidence; to truly make and connect to friends; and to reach their full potential.

So for their own sakes: I’m now a device-free area – yet an area of freedom to create, have fun and make cool stuff!


  1. lakenormanprep

    I think being device free gives kids a chance to breath and not be so worried about what is happening in cyber world. My friends noticed this when on a recent overnight trip with their 10th grade class in which no electronics were allowed. The kids talked on the bus and laughed and had fun-even without their phones, ipods,etc.
    I find that I, even as an adult, sometimes check my phone way too much. Why? I have no idea. Before having a “smart phone” I never felt the need to check my email. THis is an area of my life that I am working on. 🙂

    • hoibythesea

      Thank you for the insightful comment. You are so right – it’s not only our children, it is almost everyone else too, me included. Sometimes it’s good for me to get an awareness of it and check with myself as to which change I would like to see in my own life.


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