I just happened to come across this YouTube clip of Kelli teaching kids to read very much like we do. She obviously has done the Davis Dyslexia Correction Program and what she says does make sense.

Coincidentally I have been thinking along the same lines of re-arranging the order of trigger words when I wrote my book ‘Nurturing the Secret Garden’ (finished yesterday and still in the process of editing, getting the book cover done and the Davis permission).

The book is a workbook for parents to help support their child after a program. Often I have seen that the support is just hard to fit into people’s lives, but also hard for parents to know how to do it, where to start and how much to do every day.

It is based on Frances Hodgson Burnett’s famous book ‘the Secret Garden’, which I have altered to cut out the Yorkshire dialect (very disorienting for a dyslexic reader – and probably any reader) and added in the trigger words prior to a short reading section from that book.

I will keep you posted when it will be out – hopefully in July 2014.