Seeking Dyslexia Tutors – How to Work With Us

May 6, 2020 | Dyslexia Tutor

Sydney Dyslexia is seeking dyslexia tutors to help support students in our programs.

Becoming a Dyslexia Tutor is a path you may want to consider if you:

  • like to help people and make a difference
  • are passionate about education and the right of every child to learn appropriate to their learning style- are nurturing and supportive
  • want to make a living by coaching or facilitating
  • enjoy a creative way of working
  • are flexible with your time
  • are coachable and eager to learn yourself

You can find out more information about becoming a dyslexia tutor here. You can also visit the dyslexia tutor page of The One Year School which answers many questions about becoming a Dyslexia Tutor. We are always looking for the right kind of person.

You don’t have to be a teacher, but you will have to qualify and the right personality, character and passion will help. The training will help you to become the professional that is able to change lives. There is nothing more rewarding than the transformation you will see in the eyes of a student, when the light goes on and they know deep down that they are as bright and as capable as anyone else.

So check it out and if you think you would like to become a tutor, or you know someone who would benefit from The One Year School dyslexia training program, please contact me here.

Seeking Dyslexia Tutors


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