My dyslexic son published

Young Writers Showcase

I can’t believe he beat me at publishing something.

Keanu’s major HSC work – Extension English 2 – has been published. Yesterday at the State Library, I was the proud mum, smiling with his book in hands. Today – having read his play “It’s your funeral”, I have to come to terms with the fact, that there are these simpletons in the script: ‘Barbara’ (elderly wife) and her husband ‘Joseph’ (elderly husband – and my husband’s name) , her in floral dress in the kitchen, him in socks and sandals, with grey flannel overalls, bland and tasteless…

Apparently, only our names but not our character was used in his Theatre of the Absurd.

Now I can do the same and use his story from 9-year-old non-reader to published author as the foundation to my book! It might inspire a Dyslexic boy or girl out there to start believing in themselves and their creative genius. That is my hope and aim.