I cannot tell you how familiar this story sounded, when I read it on another Davis facilitator’s site. I have literally heard these lines, word-for-word from mothers of my dyslexic students – and also as the mother of a dyslexic child, who had been struggling before I found Davis. Phrases like this mother expressed: “He will be fine,” “He just needs to try harder,” “He isn’t applying himself,” “He’ll catch up,” “You should read with him more,” “Make him read more…”

Getting clients to realize that they are not dumb, but just learn differently, is one of the main aims of a program – and of course that only happens when they prove their abilities to themselves, when that overwhelming feeling of ‘I get it now’ comes over them and you see that smile and start believing in themselves.

Yes, they still have their creativity and the genius way of thinking, inventing, dreaming – but after they unlock their potential, they also have a way of showing this to the world.