Would you like to become a Beta Tester?

The One Year School is opening soon, but before we do, we would like ten people to test the program, to give us feedback, to help us to make the program even better.

We are looking for ten adults (over the age of 18) who are committed to:

  • use the One Year School online program for visual learners for five days a week with their child (about one hour a day)
  • participate in all exercises together with their child/student
  • give us feedback on the program and the result
  • keep a journal or take notes, pictures or anything that tracks the progress
  • take part in a two day training (9am – 3 pm) in Mosman or at the Entrance Beach Retreat (only charging cost, $ 600 for two days, or $ 700 incl. accommodation), as you won’t be able to have use of a tutor
  • give us a testimonial at the end of the program

What you will receive or can expect:

  • free use of the One Year School Program for the entire 48 weeks (worth $2,640 at $220 a month)
  • free use of the Dyslexia Tutor App (priceless!)
  • a student who will be able to learn and thrive at school or at work
  • a life with a lot less anxiety and stress around school or studying
  • support by Barbara if needed
  • facebook support group, help from other parents

This is for you if:

  • your child/teenager/husband/wife is dyslexic, or struggling to read and write, a visual or tactile learner (we will test to see if that is applicable)
  • you have the time to train (times will be sent to you to choose from once you apply and are one of the 10 people)
  • you have the time and temperament to work with your student (the two-day training will help)
  • you and your child are motivated to change and want help
  • you will be able to work with your child or student

We are looking for a variety of ages, genders, children or adults, and would like to hear more about their talents and challenges and why you would be the best person to take part in this wonderful and transformative experiment!

You will be the first!

Please apply with an email to:

hoi.barbara1@gmail.com or barbara@theoneyearschool.com

or call Barbara on 0402 686 327.

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