Looking for schools to pilot a new dyslexia program

I apologise for the long pause in my blogs – but I haven’t been idle. After finishing my last rounds of chemo, (which I have cut short, as I was progressing so well and the scans were clear) I have thrown myself into finishing the creation of my dyslexia app, which I am happy to say has turned out better than expected. I have to thank BAPPO for that, who created a beautiful product!

Now I am having a big favor to ask:

Do you know of a school that would be happy to trial my ‘Dyslexia Tutor’ App next year, for free?

Ideally that school should be in Sydney or at the Central Coast. It can be a Primary or High School, public, private, catholic, home schooling, special schooling, un-schooling, …you get the idea.

It’s free, as I am looking to collect data to sell it later as an evidence-based educational tool. I have put together a program called ‘the One Year School’, which offers the following support:

  1. the app (Dyslexia Tutor), which includes cartoon tutorials, two hundred videos of sight words, visually explained and 7 modules of a dyslexia recovery program.          I will support the teachers, special-ed teachers or anyone who will be working with the dyslexic pupils with a one-day workshop, assessment of the students  for learning style, suitability of this approach and the current state of literacy; and a ‘survival pack’ for each student, including all the materials needed for the one-year school ($ 150, will be the only expense for the school or the parent, a small price to pay to have their child’s dyslexia corrected by the school).
  2. Monthly concepts (such as consequence, time, etc…)  that I’m able to introduce either personally at the school or to the teachers at a time that suits them. These are vital to create a foundation for understanding maths, behaviour and are specifically designed to support the visual mindset of the dyslexic participants.
  3. The program will not only help a dyslexic student, but anyone who struggles with literacy or numeracy and shows a visual or tactile learning style. It will help children with ADD, ADHD, dyspraxia, asperger, hyperlexia, and of course dyslexia. The assessment will clarify, which of these students has the appropriate learning style to benefit.
  4. I’m working on a Podcast, interviewing experts in education, nutrition, mental and emotional support for children and young adults, as well as successful dyslexic adults on how they used the gift of dyslexia to overcome the challenges. I am open to any suggestion! Thank you!

Please call (0402 686 327) or email (hoi.barbara1@gmail.com) me if you can help me!

I so appreciate you!


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