Davis Gift of Dyslexia Workshop

I have recently decided to take on a Davis trained person to help me run ‘Sydney Dyslexia’ in Mosman. Ever since my lovely graphic designer friend made a new website (www.sydlexia.com.au) for me and won several awards for it, it has been even busier than before. About a month ago he decided to also put up posters for the origami exercises all around Sydney CBD to create awareness of Dyslexia (all at his own cost!) and of the cool new site. Unfortunately/fortunately that has caused even more enquiries and I am not really in the position to look after each new potential client properly.

Unfortunately there are currently no new facilitators here in Sydney and the trainers from New Zealand have decided to introduce a new Gift of Dyslexia workshop for 10-13 July 2017. These four day-workshops are incredibly insightful and are often all that a teacher or tutor needs to help the children in his class or his clients. It also represents the first part of a training towards a certified Davis Dyslexia facilitator.

Please email me if you would like more information, prices (which I haven’t received yet) and details about it: hoi.barbara1@gmail.com…or reply to this blog.

Thank you!


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