Sydlexia – the new ‘Kid on the Block’

This is my new award-winning website from my lovely designer Ryan in Dubai. Ryan: “We’ve entered the work we’ve done on Sydlexia so far into the Dubai Lynx, and it has had a very good response. We heard that it has 20 shortlists into the different categories it has been entered into – which is amazing news! Tomorrow night is the awards ceremony, and hopefully we’ll convert some of those shortlists to metal. This might become the story of the dyslexic designer that wanted to do something for what he believes in, and won big doing it (hopefully) :)”

Well – he did! And he won: One Gold, Two Silver and Three Bronze medals. He can be so proud of this work, where an entire team was brainstorming for weeks on how to think like a dyslexic person and what would be useful:

  • The first three letters of Sydlexia (short for Sydney Dyslexia) move around between Dyslexia and Sydlexia
  • The entire page can be bathed in a hue of blue, green, yellow, purple or red, as he had researched that the coloured overlays or Irlen lenses help some dyslexic children to facilitate the reading
  • Their office turned into an origami haven, where everyone had a go on folding animals in the right way to come up with the proper spelling of that animal on the origami as a reward
  • They researched the best font for Dyslexics, the spacing, the moving pictures and especially the simplicity. It has a modern, clean look. I love it! I hope you’ll like it too.



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