Adult Dyslexics

This is just a quick preview of my new logo, which pulls Sydney Dyslexia into one word, which reads ‘dyslexia’ when the first three letters get flipped. If you are dyslexic, you probably have noticed that already.

It will become the marketing and website of a brand new program for adult dyslexics, that will include other aspects that often stand in the way of progress with adults.

Having struggled for many agonizing school years and sometimes being traumatized, bullied or made to feel stupid, adult dyslexics often have many burdens to carry, addictions to overcome and emotional blocks to dissolve.

Therefore the new adult programs will include EFT, meditation, mindfulness and nutrition, all designed to improve their well-being, overall health and anxiety.

Of course literacy is very much a part of that program and will be introduced to a stable foundation of a calm and peaceful mind, that will embrace literacy with much more ease and make learning and memory an integral and fun part of the 5-day program.

Enquire for more information by calling 0402 686 327 (Barbara)

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