Adult Literacy

In case you have missed the “Insight” program, like I did, here is a link – as I believe it’s very insightful. I was interested to learn that a staggering 620,000 Australians (1 in 8) are illiterate – they had created a ‘Pre-Level 1’ for that category (like less than a Band 1 for our Naplan children). It was also interesting to hear the solutions that some of them had found, taking 8 (!) years of an adult literacy course to gain the levels they needed to participate in life. No wonder, as the few courses discussed were based on the exact same way that these adults failed to gain literacy at school: phonically.

Why not help them in a few weeks by using a method that is geared towards their preferred learning style?

Interesting also that apparently 47 % of Tasmanians are among the illiterate population.

Sad to hear that SHAME was the most common emotion, shame being one of the lowest frequency emotions there is. We should be ashamed, not them.

Anyway, it’s worth watching.

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