Wednesday – Crunch Day

Maybe some of my fellow Davis Facilitators would agree: When a program lasts from Monday to Friday, one-on-one for five full days, Wednesdays can be a challenge.

I have been working with a lovely young man, who at the age of 28 has decided to take matters of learning to the next level. He has left school early, which had been a struggle anyway and now finds that his level of literacy will not be enough to study. He wants to study business and ¬†construction management. His reading is good, comprehension, spelling and writing aren’t.

We had two amazing days, which really ought to have been three days. He was breezing through the alphabet, very happy to be able to remember all 26 letters backwards in a very short time. He has been spelling words forwards and backwards with he had never been able to spell before. His reading had started well and he had learned to make movies in his head and remember almost everything he was reading. There were so many aha-moments, when things just all made sense to him. Even balancing on one leg, when he caught those two balls, was awesome – and then came Wednesday – today.

What happened over night? Did someone exchange my client for a sniffling, hay-feverish, tired,  quiet copy of himself? Sleeping in, feeling off, having had trouble sleeping last night, looking pale, I thought that it must have been that his brain/mind was needing a rest. Like having a new program installed, it had obviously crashed the old system and his red nose was like the red warning signal to stay away from more input.

Not knowing what to do without doing, I quietly meditated for a while, hoping for some inspiration. It came with unexpected advice. Harmonize the boy!

I cautiously suggested this, briefly explaining to him, that he didn’t need to do anything, just lie on the massage table, being covered with a warm blanket and go as blank as the blanket. ‘You just focus on the breathing, nothing else’, I prompted and he gladly agreed, probably thinking that at least he could fall asleep again.

I don’t think he did, but the harmonization was really beyond my doing. My hands were guided and my mind was empty. It was quite remarkable, but nothing compared to the difference in my client, when he got off the table 40 minutes later. Not only was he rested, focused and happy to continue to work, he did so on an ever higher level than the previous two days. Things just seemed to ‘stick’ and I think at times he amazed himself with his abilities.

My lesson: meditate more often and do less!



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