Your Brain is like a Garden

When I wrote the book ‘Nurturing the Secret Garden’, I wasn’t far off, referring to the garden as a metaphor for the brain’s ability to change. We plant new seeds (with the trigger words), we water them (using the new tools), we weed and prune as well, by staying away from old negative thought patterns. The article below refers to our ability and responsibility to choose which synapses the gardener in our brain chooses to prune and disconnect and which ones get oxygenated and nurtured.

I have always found that Mindfulness is one of the most influential ways to establish a more conscious way of living and thereby changing old patterns that serve us no longer. Others that have great value are those that enable us to access and re-program the subconscious mind, like EFT, hypnosis, subliminal music or recordings, theta meditation and others.

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