The Creativity of Dyslexia


Just a lovely Easter story I got from a happy mum of a client:

Hi Barbara,

This is a happy story for you!

On Wednesday before Easter we went to ‘About Life’ in Cammeray for a grocery shop. There was a competition out to win a stuffed duck. The most creative name for the duck would win. My son came up with “Sir Cluckington.” The results were going to be communicated per phone or email on Good Friday. He said “Mammi, I’m sure I’m gonna win this” 😉😄.
Friday from 7 am he kept asking me if there had been an email. “No Darling, nothing yet,” I said. Sure enough, 5 pm we got a call and HE HAD WON THE DUCK!!! Because he had come up with the most creative name! He was so thrilled!! And I said: “See, that’s where Dyslexia really helps – it makes you really creative!!”



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