Response to Homework – or Not

I thought that Lorna had a very good point:

Hi Barbara,

I would support a ban on Homework in a Flash , even on a good day it’s a struggle in our house .
Often we complete the homework, lets say comprehension in the work books then we have to copy what we just wrote into another book and this is when Finn looses all enthusiasm,  Finn finds this dry and tedious it can take forever ,literally.

For example Finn only yesterday took 50 minutes to copy from a book a few sentences into his homework book¬† . Then his play date turned up , she had forgotten her homework book so quickly copied Finns , she was done in 8 minutes , totally sole destroying for Finn and if I’m honest for me too. I just thought what a waste of time that was and for what ,to copy 6 sentences into a book of ,that was already completed ???? It was just repetition, and I guarantee you the words didn’t stick any more because they were written twice ,usually it’s the opposite.

I know my son learns more from play , I know he learns more in 1 hour in his forest camp at the bottom of our garden than he does in an hour of homework . I know he learns more being creative in the garden with his friends, than he does with homework.

Ok… Rant over …That feels so much better.

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